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Sunday, September 25th, 2005
10:39 pm
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classic, although now I have Bark Hard in my head o_O

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Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

haha how fitting x) he even loves this one...punkass.

Funny how both Hardcore and Underground come up on ours. *cough*were deadly*cough*

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Those3know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
9:27 pm
Holland here the stinky pair come! GGI fest 05!


Eric and myself still have to pack our bag but besides that were ready to get over there.
Im taking a few days off FAS as well, fuck it ive passed all my MOS exams so far so I deserve the time off. We'll be leaving this Wednesday from Dublin Airport and arriving in Eindhoven then taking the bus then train to Groningen. Connor and co will be on the same flight so we'll be staying with them the first night.
Were gonna rent out some bikes and see the sights (windmills..hell yeah), hit up the Squat bars, coffee shops, Recycleshops, museums and the radical bookstore Rosa. So in all it will hopefully be 6days of fun with as little ran as possible due to sleeping in a tent n' all.

also we went to see Pine Hill Haints on Thursday! amazing as ever. Eric really got into them which was cool. Some Vinyl was bought of course and we all lived happily ever after..
I hope they play Dublin again soon

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Those8know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Friday, September 2nd, 2005
10:16 pm
"Whites Find, Blacks Steal"

spot the fucking difference.

If the recent tragedys in New Orleans arnt a big ol' wake up call to the american public about how fucked up Georgie and co are then i dont know what would be.
Federal flood control spending for southeastern Louisiana has been chopped from $69 million in 2001 to $36.5 million in 2005, according to budget documents. Federal hurricane protection for the Lake Pontchartrain vicinity in the Army Corps of Engineers' budget dropped from $14.25 million in 2002 to $5.7 million this year. Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu requested $27 million this year.

In 2004, the Corps essentially stopped major work on the now-breached levee system that had protected New Orleans from flooding. It was the first such stoppage in 37 years, the Times-Picayune reported.

In other news...I have been shit on my updating of this thing but ive been to busy hitting up different museums, gallery's, parks, 2nd hand book and record stores, gigs (vitamin x last week...it ruled muchos) etc....so yes lots of fun to be had. The weather also has been warm as fuck for ages which is completely out of character here, yay to global warming. Thanks again Bush.
We even went to the seaside (Bray) last weekend with my da. We even got a few badass records...original UK Subs Warhead brown vinyl which is cool for cheesy purposes plus it was cheap as fook. Also a Michelle Shocked record for 3 yo's and some others, the bloke even gave me a random fiver off which was appreciated seeming that im broke as a joke.

Oh also Eric and myself are heading up North to Belfast tomorrow with my cousin Catherine for 2days, USED RECORD STORES HERE WE COME!

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Those1know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Monday, August 1st, 2005
10:15 pm
Comics, Were bears, 1 song show, The final countdown and Pus
The long weekend was needed this week (bank holiday monday for all the non-irish heads) although it sucks it wasnt on the week Eric comes over. One week, 7 wee days and meine Buddy will be over! I cant fookin wait. 71 days weve been apart and its been making me go a...lil...weirdser, yes even more so than usual (smartasses).

I went to a show on Thursday with Colin it was hilarious. We both for some reason were in a really hyper sort of mood and it was a metal show with only about 30 people there so they didnt take kindly to our badass dancing skills....or colins white Who shirt. But we stuck it out & got to see a really good local Sludge band who's name I do not know but need to find out. Then on came the band we had went for cause it was posted around that they happened to be a Political Thrash band.....LIES! more like the Spanish version of Limp Bizkit. We lasted nearly one song and ran off into the rain which was more fun than listening to that crap.

Friday I got to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory with David for his B-day. It ruled! It was the first proper book i read as a child so i was glad to see how they kept it to the story and didnt get blurred by the 70's movie (although yes that movie is a classic that i love but it is a musical losely based on the book). The fact that Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman had envolvement is enough for me. Go see it if you havnt already.

Sunday Celeney Bean and myself hit up a comic book convention (stop with the laughing!), I had never been to one before due to no money and also having a strong dislike for being around the general public. But this one turned out pretty good. I picked up 3 copys of MBLEH! an Irish comic that ive been wanting to pick up for a while now check them out here http://www.clamnuts.com/ I also found something ive wanted since i was a baby! yes since i was shitting in my underwear....and getting away with it! A FECKIN WERE BEAR!!!!!! Ive been craving one of these forever and have been hunting over ebay for one. But there it was only one still in its box and with its story tape for 10 yo's! and the bloke who was selling it was bang on and we got chatting about Tim burton movies and the Brothers Grimm so he gave it to me for 5!!!! deadlyness indeed.

I got Howler the Blue one. See you transform them, they start of as a normal bear then you pull the back over there face and they turn into a Were bear....what?! its the shit. Plus the things older than bloody me. 1983 is when it came out.

And to top it all off i have this bizarre thing growing from one of my tonsils and it looks like hardend Pus, sexy huh? I have to go the doctor tomorrow about it cause its giving me mouth ulcers. Ive had it 3months now but Im shit at going to the doctor. Which i proved last year with the whole "Im fine seriously its just gas" 3hours later i have an oxygen mask on that im refusing to use cause it smells and Im being shoved into an Ambulance. classy shit.

This is way longer than it was meant to be...i could call you all Quif faces right now and no one would notice cause i bet i lost most of you at the were bear rant.

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Those1know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
5:51 pm

Those2know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Monday, July 11th, 2005
1:41 pm
48 people died in Iraq yesterday due to a bomb....this happends everyday pretty much but yet NOTHING on skynews about it besides a lil thign scrolling at the bottom of the screen. "Hey they aint white so its alright" bastards.

I went to Belfast the weekend...good to see the family and all that, wish i couldve stayed a bit longer. I made my Da a cd for the car with Pine Hill Haints, patsy Cline, Madeline and....the circle jerks (random i know) on it and he seemed to dig the shit out of it. He got his new badass banjo up north as well!

Also it was 32 degrees yesterday!! IN IRELAND what the fuck? It's boiling today as well and is supposed to get warmer. My knees are all burnt :( poxy global warming. Serves me right for reading Zines outside on a day like that with my legs not covered. The zine I was reading was by Lew Houston "Tales of a traveling Panty salesman" Ive read his Blurt! zine before and I have to admit Im in love with his writing. Also it was cool hearing about places Ive been to, like him talking about Deep Ellum. I need to hunt down Blurt! #2.

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Those3know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Thursday, July 7th, 2005
11:29 am
Londons Burning....more blood shed.
At 8:49 this morning 7 july 3 bombs went off in London, 2 on the Underground and 1 on a bus (which was riped apart by the blast).

A friend of mine found out of a friend from there that theirs bodys everywhere unlike what the news is saying.

I dont know what to say...i really am at loss for words right now.

EDIT: The explosions have gone from 3 to 6...i cant stay in here and do work how can these people get on with this with a smile on their faces. My hands are fuckin shaking...atleast David is as upset, shows he has a fuckin brain. Its like these bastards think its a movie that it'll all just blow over it fuckin wont! people are dead and for what? politics that they have most likely nothing to do with! Were a fuckin plague to this earth, true destroyers of life. What state of mind could you be in to just say "Hey lets bomb the fuck out of an underground and some buses....yes small kids will be on both of these but OH WELL they probley deserve to die anyway"
this is sounding very all over the place I know that but I dont have the stomach right now to sit here and type a poetic piece on it all instead your just gonna get the raw facts and emotion Im feeling at the moment. What the emotion is I dont know but all I know is that its accompanied with a heavy dose of nausea.

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Those2know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Saturday, June 25th, 2005
10:14 am

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The Horror Of Beauty

Sunday, June 19th, 2005
3:02 pm
The story of the 2 year old Canadian boy who was shot in the Head Thursday in Cambodia really shows how sick this world truely is.

For both money and revenge on a former employer Chea Sokhom and 6 friends sieged a school. He was to kill his former employers 2 children (big man huh?) and it must of it him "Oh wait i can get some cash fromt his as well".

Maxim Michalik was a very frightend 2 year old and began to cry, anyone would. But for this Chea Sokhom, SHOT him in the head. Shot a defenseless little person in the fucking head. That child had his whole life ahead of him to see and do so many things and greed and corruption took that away


funny how people say we NEED guns.....you make me sick.

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Those2know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Saturday, June 18th, 2005
3:01 pm
Olivia: You are the weakest link, goodbye. (laughter)
Stewie: Ha ha ha! Oh gosh that's funny! That's really funny! Do you write your own material? Do you? Because that is so fresh. You are the weakest link goodbye. You know, I've, I've never heard anyone make that joke before. Hmm. You're the first. I've never heard anyone reference, reference that outside the program before. Because that's what she says on the show right? Isn't it? You are the weakest link goodbye. And, and yet you've taken that and used it out of context to insult me in this everyday situation. God what a clever, smart girl you must be, to come up with a joke like that all by yourself. That's so fresh too. Any, any Titanic jokes you want to throw at me too as long as we're hitting these phenomena at the height of their popularity. God you're so funny!

Went to town yesterday met up with Nick then later on ran into Sarah und Colin. Good times, good times.
Its scarily hot the last few days.....I dont trust it. This is Ireland for fuck sake, its supposed to me dull and windy all year round. Bet ive jinxed it now HA ive spoiled for you all.

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The Horror Of Beauty

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
2:51 pm

Fucking deadly

26.08 IRL DUBLIN @ Whelans

such good timing cause Eric will be over by then. They canceled the last time he was here.

I had a day off at fas so i sat around and I made veggie tacos today.......dont be jealous.

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The Horror Of Beauty

Saturday, June 11th, 2005
8:01 am
Love is....

This day one year ago my life fell into place. I was sitting on a wall waiting on an old friend to turn up when a bloke with a backpack & a hoodie with its hood up came over to me. I caught his eye and turned away because I thought he was gonna pass some shitty comment. Instead he said "Hey, are you into punk rock?"

Now a year on I cant see the cogs of my life turning right without him.

love you buddy.
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Those4know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Friday, June 3rd, 2005
3:38 pm
work it's a lot of jive never gonna work 9 to 5..
Im back home from Tejas :(
I miss my buddy.
My sleeping and eating pattern is all off, ive been up since 3am today.
This time that ive come home ive finally realised i really dont want to be here anymore.
To much back-biting and drama going on for ones head to keep.

I went to hospital on the 1st and it seems i no longer have the cists on my overies, so thats pretty bloody good news. I got there at 8.25am for a 9am oppointment and i only got outta there at 12.30 grrrrr.
Im off to din-dins with some o the family tomorrow for me Auntie Bebe's b-day whos down from Belfast...she rules. I got her a bottle of perfume she likes cause she's been living off the same bottle since her husband died.I got my ma and sa some as well, but i got theirs on the plane on the way back home...i think they ripped me off price wise but ah well.

Ooooh i got on another one of those courses, which pay me to sit on me hole and then get a certificate at the end. deadly. Its the MOUS course which is a more advanced computer course than the last one I took. 3 words Piece of Piss.

Some of the family are already saving up to head to amerikkka for the wedding. Janey Mack they'll show them what a hooley is over there thats for sure...im not sure if thats a good or bad thing haha.

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Those3know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Monday, May 23rd, 2005
3:37 pm
The bells from the chaple went Jingle Jangle...
I have wanted to post on here for abit but I've just been way to lazy to even bother. I went to Oklahoma again a couple of weeks ago & got to see my first ever Buffalo's, armadillo's & firefly's. It was pretty cool, i like it up there it has this whole ghost-town buzz to it.

Friday: Theresa (erics ma) took the day off work so we went & rocked Dallas.
She's so badass, i love her to bits. We ate at a place called Cosmic Cafe which was a vegan buddhist restraunt. Its a converted old house & they've painted it so beautifully (every colour of the rainbow is up on the walls inside and out pretty much). I ordered the Buddha Delight, mmmmm curry rules, as a violenist and keyboardist played.

Saturday: Eric had a Show saturday in dallas (near that cafe). He was exhausted from work which sucks but when we got their we unloaded the distro and he seemed fine. They had to play first...odd when two NEW bands played after them but oh well I wont get bitchy about it.
I got it all on video along with Tick's debut in "Just another Consumer". Not bad film work for someone whos never used one before....besides the random shaking.

Sunday: I ate way to much Ice cream & zoned out on the bed making mixtapes for people. Eric got off early thank fuck & chilled out with me...oh and then called me fiancee which caused my ass to start laughing then with his hand on my booty (how romantic) he said "Oh would you prefare if i did it properly, Katherina Margerit Chantelle, I love you and was wondering if you would be my wife" my reply was "Uhhh I dont know" "oh well take as long as you want" "hahaha naw im just fuckin with ya of course I will".
So there ya have it....im gettin married and all that malarky.

sorry for the bad typing skills today but im sick as fuck but felt like I needed to update.

hope this finds everyone well.

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Those2know Im a Cunt The Horror Of Beauty

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
3:35 pm
(this is an entry from April 25th that i posted in my myspace)
Lots of stuff's been happening on this side of the globe but Ive been to lazy arsed to even bother me hole posting about it. So heres a brief caption (that'll probley turn out made long knowing me and my ranting ways....Im doing it feckin now...shite!)

I went to see Riistetyt & World burns to Death in Dallas. It was a pretty good show, both bands ive wanted to see for quite sometime. Eric and myself got a THIRD copy of the Bloody Phoenix 7" yep its that good so go and fuckin get it if you like grindcore & even if you dont go give it a listen.

On April 11th I got see Annihilation Time , Resigned to fate and Routine Therapy at E.T'S (which is a D.I.Y venue set up in a house in Dallas by Erin and Teresa). I got a tad bit pissed at that show...damn 40oz's! Tick got bolloxed at this show, it was pretty funny he ended up passing out in his fridge when we took him home after accusing everyone of "butt fucking" him.

on the 15th M.D.C!!!!!!!!!! oooh yeee. It was a deadly fuckin show. Got to see it from the side of the stage n' all. Pity their was so many cunts at the gig but awell I had my fun. I got tons of pix that i need to get developed from these shows. Tick also got drunk at this show and flying kicked me knee cap, not as funny as the last time.

Hamas played last thursday at E.T's and the show went great, its the best ive ever seen them at and for once people werent standing there with sad faces on they were gettin into it. Erics new drumkit really helped the sound as did ticks new Amp. Hopefully they'll have their 7" out soon.

Yesterday we went to Edgefest with Erics family.....what a piece of shit. Seriously it was fuckin awful and the only reason me and him were there was cause 1 it was free & 2 Billy Idol was playing. It was like being on the set of "Girls gone wild" it was full of stereotypical American slutty college kids & bully boy jocks. Well it ended up we had to leave just before billy idol :( because Erics stepsister fucked a bottle at someones head. 5hours! of sitting around wankers and for nothing besides sunburn on me back.

right thats enough of my shite Im off to Suma Veggie Cafe tonight fuck yeah! best food in the world.

If anyone knows how Ed (spuded) is gettin on in Canada give me a shout cause Im worrying like a made aul one over here

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The Horror Of Beauty

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